8th April 2011:



April sees the anniversary of 'Shared Experiences'. What better way is there, than to celebrate its creation with a makeover?

With all the excitement surrounding the launch of my book 'Raw Emotion' I felt that 'Shared Experiences' has been somewhat neglected over the last few months. SO, here it is; the 'new look' in what goes without saying... a book theme! As always I'm interested to know your thoughts, why not leave a message in the guestbook or email me via the contact me/submit story tab.

Sadly the forums have been static for sometime. If you're reading this and wish to tell your story, or open a discussion in the forum, please do not hesitate to do so.

'Shared Experiences' is a supportive community where nobody will judge! What is it they say?  "Rome wasn't built in a day" Indeed it wasn't; and for any community to flourish it needs members. SO ladies, share the link, encourage your friends to sign up and start sharing stories. Help to grow this site and make 'Shared Experiences' bigger and better than last year.

Thank you!           



NEWS: 29th September 2010:


Five months on from the creation of Shared Experiences, and after much deliberating I decided to change the colour and design of the site. I felt that reading purple text on a black background wasn't easy on the eye!  In my endeavours to correct this I settled for a complete new look... I hope you like it as much as I do. I'm always interested to hear your views so, please leave a message in the guestbook I'll be happy to read them.

Analysing traffic stats is fascinating... The above global map produced today pinpoints the areas in the world where over 1,000 hits during the month of September have occurred. It gives me great pleasure to share this with you and once again thank my returning visitors for the regular support you give me by keep reading!



4th September 2010:

Doesn't time fly? I'm not sure what happened to summer, but it certainly didn't stop at my house this year; at least not long enough to be worth mentioning. Now Autumn is upon us, leaving behind distant memories of Spring, and a Summer that wasn't... Well, certainly not in the North West of England! 

When I wrote "Bingo Wings and Cellulite" I should have known I'd no need to worry, the few weeks of sunshine in May had me fooled into thinking we were in for a 'scorcher' ha ha... As I said, it didn't stop by my back yard!

Yesterday I 'revamped' the site, I hope the new lay out will make it easier to use. As always I'm interested to hear your views. So, please... any feedback will be gladly received. Remember though, I'm a complete novice and have been blindly feeling my way around the construction of this website for almost five months. I hope my ex- M&S colleagues are sufficiently impressed... yes, I can finally copy and paste!!! 

I'm not sure why, but just lately I've been noticing some inappropriate postings in the guestbook area of the website. They are mainly 'spam' which is annoying as I'm not familiar with how this material is delivered! I'm monitoring it daily and removing anything which is deemed inappropriate. If anyone knows how I can prevent this, please do email me...

Since the last news update I've had the pleasure of posting Jeanette's story (jtsworldcolors)... If you haven't already read it, please do...  I hope more of you will submit your stories over the coming months and in the meantime I hope you will keep up to date with my blogs. And finally, a big thank-you to everyone who regularly reads, and a warm welcome to my new members.



24th July 2010:

It's now three months since I started this site, I created it on a whim and without any knowledge of building websites. To date five ladies have bravely shared their stories and I would like to thank them all for doing so.

The biggest challenge I've faced has been publishing the stories, I can almost hear you thinking what's SO difficult about that? For some reason which I'm yet to fathom; is why my original idea of copy and pasting each story doesn't work. So, following submission I'm forced to type out each story exactly as I receive it, before being allowed to post it on the appropriate page. I need to enlist the help of my eldest son to resolve this technical hitch, sadly, as he's 230 miles away it might be a while before he's able to.

Fortunately I had the foresight to set up traffic stats to the site and as a result has given me the encouragement to continue. Although I'm pleased to have 37 members, the activity on the site doesn't reflect the amount of hits it is infact receiving. On the 18th July there had been 1.357 returning visitors from 20 countries, with a total of 8.000 hits! SO Julie, Nikki, Karen, Becs and Mena, your stories are being read all over the world. The power of the internet never ceases to amaze me!

Yesterday I intended to update my blog, as it wasn't a good day I thought about creating a news page where I can periodically post items of news. 

Becs (Becky Simmons) sent me a profound story about living with lupus, it sums up the challenges lupus sufferers have to face daily... You can find the link to the story on the links page. Please read it as it does give an accurate picture... Thank-you Becs. 

In the last blog I mentioned my little corner in the attic SO, for all of you here it is...


         My little space in the attic, home of "Shared Experiences"