Precious Moments


I left you on the platform

It’s not easy to say goodbye,

I find it hard to see the tears

I know you’re going to cry.


I walk away and don’t look back

There’s an emptiness inside,

A void within my heart

I’m trying hard to hide.


Days pass by so quickly

Precious times are few,

There’s no greater pleasure

Than spending time with you.


I cherish every moment

The ones when we’re together,

For you and I... My daughter

Have a bond that's sealed forever.


I'm here to share your hopes and dreams

And guide you through unknown,

I’m with you at a distance

So please don’t feel alone.


The special memories we both make

I’ll treasure to the end,

For you... My beautiful little girl

Have become... My dearest friend.


By: Jane Gill-Wilson

Copyright 2011


                                                                           Mother's Hero


Theres a little lady who lives across the street

The kindest little lady you could ever meet.

Every day at sunrise shed wait behind the door

Fearing that shed hear the news; her son was killed at war!

Every night she said her prayers, asked God to keep him safe

Whilst he was out there fighting in a hostile dangerous place.

Every day she felt the same anxiety inside

Thinking of her firstborn son, the pain she could not hide.

Shed look at his picture when he was just a boy

His wavy hair and deep blue eyes projected so much joy.

Then one night she heard the knock which dragged her from her bed

Her precious loving firstborn son took a bullet in his head!

Killed in active service thats what the message said.

The kindest little lady heard her loving son was dead.


Now that little lady who lives across the street,

The kindest, sweetest lady you could ever meet…

Thinks about her firstborn son as tears fill her eyes;

It was for queen and country her first son had to die.

She walked behind his coffin as he was laid to rest

 Full military honours assured he was the best.

Now she holds his memory, deep within her heart:

For her son,

He died a hero...

Thats why they had to part




 Jane Gill-Wilson


At the going down of the sun, and in the morning , we shall remember them"






                                                                         My Comfort Prayer


Heavenly Father up above

Can you hear my prayer…

I’m looking for some answers,

And reassurance that you care.

I’ve spent a lifetime searching

For a way to make things right,

But it seems to be, few understand

The nature of my plight.


For everyday I can’t achieve

The simplest things in life.

I’m hampered by this entity

Which cuts me like a knife.

It creeps up in the dead of night

And engulfs me ‘til it hurts…

The obnoxious taste of lupus lord,

Is really rather curt.


So when I close my eyes tonight

And pray for you to hear;

I really need the comfort

Of knowing you are near.

I cannot find the answers

Whilst my body’s filled with pain…

But with your love and guidance

I will be strong again.


Jane Gill-Wilson

13th August 2011




I draw my hands up to my head

To rest my weary mind,

So many problems do present

Yet solutions I can't find.


At times the walls are closing in

And crushing deep inside,

The anguish buried in my soul

Is one that I can't hide.


The breeze wafts gently through the room

And cools my fevered brow,

Thoughts consumed in another place

My imagination, will allow.


For moments I am far away

In a land of welcome calm,

Serenity is a blissful place…

At last I’m free from harm.


The sun rays warm my tear stained face

And dissolve away, all fears.

The sweetest sound of happiness

Is echoing so near.


I’m thankful for the place I go

When my life is filled with dread,

The comforting place called sanctuary

I found it in my head.


So here I’ll stay to rest a while

Forgive me while I’m gone…

You see right now I need to find

The strength to carry on!


By: Jane Gill-Wilson

18th June 2011 







Do you sit all alone

With your head bowed low,

An anguish inside that people

Don’t know?

Do you look at the phone

And will it to ring,

The sound of a voice

The joy that would bring?


Do you look outside

At the clear blue sky,

Yet all you can manage

Is a longing sigh?

Do you feel the agony

Inside and out,

Internally crying

And wanting to shout?


Do you think of a life

Without all the pain,

And the friends that you had

May see you again?

Do you try so hard

When all is wrong,

To never lose hope

And remain so strong?


Do you close your eyes

And silently pray,

That they’ll find a cure

For us one day?

If you do all these things

Take comfort and know,

How special you are...

In the courage you show!


By Jane Gill-Wilson

16th May 2011



Heartbeat flutters, a feeling of delight

Promise of a future, two souls unite;

Endless hours talking, bodies entwined

Lustful glances, a meeting of two minds.


Gently touching, a warm embrace

A sweet caress stroking her face;

Cool breeze ruffling through the air,

A tender kiss against tousled hair.


Lover's walking hand in hand

Tracing footsteps in the sand...

Aircraft trails high in the sky

Muted sounds as seagulls cry.


Love's young dream, one so pure

Eagerly hoping and wanting more!

Cherish the moment, seize the day...

Precious memories are made to stay.


 By: Jane Gill-Wilson

February 14th 2011




                                                                           For My Daughter

If I close my eyes and thrust myself

Into the archives of my mind,

Some vivid memories remain intact

Of a very special kind.


The ones that fill my heart with love

As I sit back and recall,

How blessed I was the day God sent...

The greatest gift of all.


A beautiful bundle of heavenly joy

The angels must have made,

My precious little brown eyed girl

Those memories have stayed.


Of the love I felt inside my heart

As I held you in my arms,

And pledged to keep you close to me

To protect you from all harm.


My little angel sent from heaven

On this your special day,

Just wrap your arms around yourself

And imagine that I say...


"Happy birthday sweetheart

I wish I could be there,

To see your smile and kiss your face

And tell you that I care."


Instead I'll sit and reminisce

For you are not a baby,

  I can't believe how blessed I am...

My beautiful brown eyed lady!


"I love you"


By: Jane Gill-Wilson

January 12th 2011


                                                               "I Wish" .... By Nicole Kirkham                                                                                                                                  

I wish I were at piece

On a wave washed beach

At dawn.

The only noises

Being the rumble of the sea

And the cry of the gulls.

The beach empty

Save the birds

My dog

And me.


I wish I were at peace

Lying on my back

In the noonday sun.

High up on the moors,

Lonely peaks above me

Busy valley below.

Curlews and pewits circling lazily overhead

Their distinctive calls

Sweet as summer.


I wish I were at peace

In a forgotton woodland glade.

Walking slowly

Through sepia leaves

Curling, crisping with age.

Like me

Aglow from the fading sun.


I wish I were at peace

As the day comes to an end.

Curled on a sagging sofa.

Dog dreaming by the fire.

Wind checking all the windows.

Snow drifting.

Dark outside.


I wish I were at peace.

And life wasn't such a race.

And the walls stop moving inwards.

And the crowds all stand aside.

Hurt can become a memory

And fear grow small and die.


     By: Nicole Kirkham February 2004